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Want to change the world? Here’s how we can help.

How Braindate helped participants learn from each other at three of the world’s leading events for change makers: the Paris Peace Forum, the Falling Walls Conference and the World Innovation Summit for Education.

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The story of e180—and Braindate—begins in 2011, when a renegade teacher and a software engineer were brought together by a shared dedication to transforming the way that humans learned from one another.

Nearly a decade and countless braindates later, we still find ourselves returning to a question that first shaped e180’s mission all those years ago:

How might we help bright ideas with systems-changing, status quo-defying potential to spark global transformation?

This question never felt more real than it did last month, as we were preparing to bring Braindate to three of the world’s leading events for change makers: the Falling Walls Conference, the Paris Peace Forumand the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Summit.

Every hero needs their sidekick.

With an extraordinary base of participants that encompasses heads of state, industry leaders, and global innovators, the conversations that take place at these three events have consequences that go far beyond an individual’s quest for personal and professional growth.

Man and woman on braindate at Paris Peace Forum
Mid-conversation at a one-on-one braindate at the Paris Peace Forum. ©️ Youssef Shoufan

At each event, the Braindate platform transformed into a rich marketplace of fascinating discussions and potential connections. The Braindate Lounge teams facilitated these conversations in person, where we helped ease participants into conversations with new people, introducing them to perhaps just the person who could unlock their big questions.

Reporting back from Berlin, Paris, Doha…

All three of these events have one thing in common: they believe that communities who come together to learn from one another can change the world.


We’ll start at the intersection of science and society, in Berlin.

Braindate Lounge at Falling Walls Berlin
2019 Falling Walls Conference Braindate Lounge. Credit:

The 2019 Falling Walls Conference

Falling Walls Conference is an annual global gathering of forward thinking individuals from 80 countries organized by the Falling Walls Foundation.

Top trending braindate topics at Falling Walls

The following were the amongst the most-requested conversation topics:

  • Designing businesses with a social mission
  • What and how can we learn from learning algorithms?
  • Improving radiology with AI
  • What topics need emotional data-driven storytelling?


Next up, we head to Paris for one of the world’s most iconic meetings on global governance.

Braindate Lounge in Paris Peace Forum 2019
The 2019 Paris Peace Forum main room with Braindate Lounge at the centre of the action. ©️Youssef Shoufan

The 2019 Paris Peace Forum

Paris Peace Forum is the annual international meeting for all actors of global governance. The Forum unites hundreds of speakers from around the globe, representing a variety of sectors — local and national governments, international organizations, NGOs, large companies, philanthropy, academia, media, and more.

Top trending braindate topics at Paris Peace Forum

  • Governance of Africa
  • Mobilising the private sector to build peace
  • Tourism for peace: codesigning tourism experiences with vulnerable communities
  • Artificial intelligence, social media and online extremism


Our last stop takes us to Doha, at the center of the global discussion on education — the WISE Summit.

Braindate Lounge at WISE Summit
Group braindate in action at the 2019 WISE Summit Braindate Lounge. ©️Youssef Shoufan

The 2019 WISE Summit

The WISE Summit is one of the most important events for global education. The summit brings together 3,200 educators, decision-makers, and influential experts from the public and private sectors from over 100 countries.

Trending braindate topics at WISE Summit

  • Looking for ambitious and innovative EdTech founders around the world
  • How, making technology available as a public good, can enable large scale educational change?
  • How I used creative writing and storytelling to improve problem solving skills for school kids
  • The impact of AI and Machine Learning in African Classrooms


In 2019, we got to do our bit to support the inspiring everyday-heroes gathered at these events. If you’re reading this, we hope that the new year brings you the support you need to bring your world-changing ideas to life.