Virtual Braindates

Virtual Braindates

A way to bring your participants together and help them learn from one another—no matter where they are.

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We don’t need to tell you that the past few months have been some of the most tumultuous that our industry has withstood. But here at e180 HQ, as we watched the news of an unprecedented rush of event cancellations, postponements and “going virtual” worldwide, we began to wonder…

How could we translate the care our Braindate team and technology bring to live events into a virtual experience unlike any other—one that doesn’t feel isolating, but radiates a sense of belonging and community?

We’ve never been fans of the traditional “sage on stage” model of events, where one “expert” preaches at us as we all sit and nod, then wander off for happy hour to try and collect some business cards. Instead, we believe that the richest event experiences happen when participants are empowered to turn to their peers for authentic knowledge-sharing conversations. The kinds that leave them having learned something, shared something, and with new connections that will endure. That’s why we invented braindates in the first place. 

We’ve been working tirelessly on a new Braindate experience that does just that: one that helps communities of all kinds—dispersed, virtual, local, global—build a powerful sense of connection by learning from each other’s experiences, virtually—no matter what. 

Introducing the Virtual Braindate Experience

About Braindate

Braindate is the leading solution for events worldwide who want to provide more than just networking for their participants. Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations based on topics of shared interest that participants book with one another through the Braindate platform to have in-person at events.

the Braindate Lounge

Over the years, braindates—our technology along with our onsite team of Learning Concierges—have helped thousands of people around the world learn from each other and make valuable, lasting connections based on common interests and shared challenges. And now, we’re taking it virtual.

About Virtual Braindate

The core Braindate platform functionalities that you may already know and love will remain the same, right from topic posting, to sending braindate invitations and confirming braindates.

What we’ve done is taken some of the core components of the experience—onsite hosting, in-person meetings—and made them virtual, while ensuring that they remain 100% human.

How it Works

What’s Different About Virtual Braindate

Virtual Braindate is for any event organizer or community lead who is searching for a way to host their people and enable them to meet, connect, and learn from one another—completely virtually.

  • Virtual Coaches
    Virtual learning concierges (real humans—no bots here!) will be on call to support participants actively in making the most out of their experience, including: setting their learning intention for your virtual event, discover the knowledge they can share with others, finding the right conversations they want to take part in.
  • Virtual Braindate Video and Calling Integration
    By either call or video, braindates will take place in a Virtual Braindate Lounge at participants’ chosen braindate time.
  • Total Schedule Flexibility
    Organizers have total flexibility to plan their braindate events around any combination of hours and/or days.

How You Can Use Virtual Braindate to Elevate Your Next Event

Create moments of real human connection in a virtual space: After years of helping participants at any gathering learn from each other, we have learned that when people get together in an intimate setting to discuss topics of their choosing, meaningful conversations follow, and real connections blossom. Virtual Braindate gives your attendees a platform where they can discuss their unique experiences and connect with people who share their interests, or concerns. 

Help your participants experience a sense of community, digitally: Posting a braindate topic is a surefire way to find birds-of-a-feather. Our learning concierges are available online to make sure your participants find topics that are relevant to their objectives,  by offering personalized recommendations on conversations to host or to join. Here’s a case study of how the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has used Virtual Braindate to bring hundreds of business events professionals together for authentic connections and topical conversations.

Empower your participants to network intentionally: Use Virtual Braindate to facilitate meaningful topic-driven conversations between your attendees —the kind where finding your next business partner, investor, collaborator, or mentor becomes just some of the many benefits that result from the connection.

Help your employees, customers, or sponsors form organic connections with each other: Leverage Virtual Braindate to open lines of communication between various stakeholders at your event. Use the platform to share your (or your sponsor’s) expertise with your customers, or learn more about their unique needs. Launching your product? Use our group braindate feature to host focus groups. The possibilities are endless! 

Connect participants with sponsors and exhibitors in a new, more meaningful way: Use Virtual Braindate to engage sponsors and exhibitors with participants over real conversations rather than pitches. By sharing their knowledge over braindates, your event sponsors and exhibitors can establish themselves as thought leaders in the field, and connect with participants over more nuanced discussions. 

Create mentorship opportunities: Foster mentor-mentee relationships at your next virtual event by inviting leaders in your community to host braindates. In doing so, you can provide participants at your event the rare opportunity to learn from industry leaders in an intimate setting. 

Use Virtual Braindate to problem-solve as a community: Use Virtual Braindate to connect the dispersed members of your community and enable them to come together (digitally) to learn from, and support each other. Wondering what this would look like? Read the case study of the first-ever virtual Braindate event we organized to help event professionals (over 700 of them!) find ways to navigate planning events during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Break down the silos in your event, community, or organization: Use Virtual Braindate to help your people connect across departments, disciplines, or industries. The platform has been designed to create a safe and open space where individuals can easily connect with, and learn from each other’s experiences no matter who they are or what expertise they bring to the table.

These are just some of the ways in which you can use Virtual Braindate to transform your next event. But we could go on! (we’re thinking leadership training, recruitment, hackathons!). We’re here to help.

Braindate is Leading a Global Peer Learning Movement and It’s Growing!

Since launching Virtual Braindate, we’ve brought peer learning opportunities to over a 100 events across industries such as GE, Tableau, Quickbooks, C2, Zillow, Charles Schwab, and more.

Even more exciting: Since March 2020, over 10,000 people from around the globe have gone on at least one braindate.

This is a movement, and it’s growing. Will you join us?

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