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e180’s mission is to unlock human greatness by reinventing the way humans learn. We’re a certified B Corp that uses our flagship product Braindate to tap into the collective genius at large gatherings worldwide and foster self-directed, knowledge-sharing conversations that change lives. The goal is for every human (including e180’s very own team) to be supported by their community in bridging the gap between who they currently are, and who they need to become to overcome the challenges that give their lives a unique purpose.

We are the creators of Braindate

Braindates are about sharing knowledge. They are one-on-one or group conversations that you book with other participants while you’re at an event. Our web app, Braindate, helps you find the right people on its crowdsourced knowledge market. Then, you meet face-to-face onsite at the event to share knowledge on a topic you both selected, hosted by our Learning Concierges at the Braindate Lounge.

We strive for humans from diverse backgrounds to feel safe and welcome to offer their unique and valuable knowledge so that the collective can benefit. We’re talking about millions of humans changing the way they learn, making it `self-directed, collaborative and rooted in challenges meaningful to them. Our technology serves that mission by helping us reach the scale of impact that we are aiming for.

Thrive and learn at work

Taking on a role at e180 means taking a significant leap in terms of your personal and professional development. You’ll be given the opportunity to push yourself every day to achieve the career and life goals you set for yourself. You will be supported in exploring what makes you flourish as a Human, and in contributing to the growth of your teammates.

Self-directed, experiential and collaborative learning is in the very fabric of how we do things. That means we believe in autonomy, rooting all work in real problems to solve, and tapping into the diverse knowledge of the team before exploring solutions. Most importantly, we look back at our projects to report on what we learned so that we can do more of what worked and adapt to what we should do differently. Our motto: to anchor our work in learning as a deliverable.

Our magazine We Seek provides every e180 team member an opportunity to share their learnings with the world.

Live your life your way

What work lifestyle do you need in order to be the awesome and special person that you are? How can we make it happen? Some examples include—but are far from limited to: moving to Mexico for 4 months out of the year, working full time from Iceland or cutting down to 4 days a week for a while so that you can focus on another project.

Vibrancy and diversity

Any truly vibrant learning environment must be inclusive of all humans–their backgrounds, identities, needs, dreams and quirks. An environment like that is fuelled by compassion and evolves with its people.

For us, diversity is not a quota, it’s a way of seeing the world, and we’re willing to embrace it: we believe in the collaborative effort to notice and speak out against the biases and microaggressions that have come to exist and can sometimes creep into our everyday.

The more diverse perspectives that join our ranks, the more voices and awareness we have as we strive to create truly inclusive environments, products and services, that will speak to the millions we will soon serve.

Open positions

We’re not actively hiring right now, but follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed!