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Experience Producer

Montreal with lots of travel
Full time or freelance (preferred)
English (fluent), French (functional), other languages are a great asset

About your team

Experience Producers are part of the Experience Team, which designs and delivers the Braindate experience with e180’s clients. The team plays a crucial contributing role at e180: they are the primary implementers of Braindate in collaboration with large scale event organizers. Not only that, the Experience Team is responsible for guiding our clients through learning of their own as we work together to deliver something meaningful to their communities.

Your role

Experience Producers are project managers with a passion for research and design; guardians of the timeline, but also of learning as a valuable deliverable in itself.

Producers are in charge of all activities related to the successful delivery of Braindate experiences around the world in collaboration with our clients. The timeline for each production is around two to three months, during which the producer works to understand the client’s needs and goals, and provides them with tools, best practices, and ongoing support so that braindates are a smashing success at each event. Producers are also responsible for coordinating and training a team of onsite “Learning Concierges,” who play an important role in facilitating the in-person component of braindates.

Not only are you there to ensure that the users of Braindate have what they need to participate fully, you are the owner of your client’s learning as you guide them through the process of building what it takes to generate the impact they are seeking for their community.

Your daily tasks

  • Project coordination (internally and with clients)
  • For each Braindate experience, in collaboration with client, you will be:
    • Defining a vision for what success looks like
    • Defining tangible metrics of success
    • Building out participant profiles so that the client uses the right strategy and constructs the experience with Braindate
    • Identifying key challenges to focus our shared energy on
    • Defining a method for learning about those challenges (with data)
    • Designing the ultimate strategy for delivering that vision
    • Addressing the technological needs of our clients in terms of development and integration
    • Analyzing data in order to craft a report that completes the client’s learning cycle, all rooted in their vision and set of previously-identified challenges.
  • Managing your team of e180 Learning Concierges pre-event and onsite
  • Representing e180’s culture, values and mission onsite
  • Staying up-to-date on e180’s technology and internal tools (new updates and known limitations) as they evolve throughout the year.
  • Thoroughly documenting your work within e180’s processes and procedures
  • Participating in strategic conversations about improvements to internal processes and the services we offer clients and braindate participants.

Your team’s rituals and ways of working together

Members of the Experience Team are highly collaborative and very autonomous. Their weekly meetings are a platform for sharing their discoveries on client projects and unblocking new challenges with colleagues across departments at e180 (Product, Learning Designers, Partnerships). They care deeply about two things: (1) the overall success of their projects and (2) the client’s learning experience embedded within e180’s process for delivering those results.

As e180’s eyes on the ground in many cases, Producers are often called upon to share their perspectives with other teams at e180 to collaboratively unblock challenges or opportunities they might be facing.

Some extra qualities that will set you apart:

  • Experience in project management or event management with multiple priorities and projects at once
  • Excellent communication skills and the capacity to develop meaningful and compassionate relationships with clients
  • Tech-savviness and capability to understand clients’ technological needs
  • Autonomy, proactiveness & creative drive
  • Past experience with startup/agile culture
  • Flexibility to travel and work on weekends depending on event requirements.
  • Experiences with approaches such as Design Thinking would be a plus

You’ll have the opportunity to further your knowledge about:

  • Experience design
  • Impact/engagement measurement
  • Nurturing collaborative client relationships
  • Multi-project management
  • Your own self-directed learning goals!

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