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Front End Developer

HTML, CSS (cssnext, CSS modules), Javascript (ES6, Babel, Node.js)
Libraries & tools:
React, Redux (with normalizr), React-Router, Express, moment, Ramda, Webpack

About your team

Front End Developers work with the development (‘Dev’) team which maintains and iterates on e180’s flagship product Braindate and other emerging products. They continually define and redefine their best practices according to the advancements in their ever-evolving field. They work hard to create a development culture that is dependable, sustainable and agile.

Your team’s rituals and ways of working together

e180’s development team is small and sometimes remote. Each member is autonomous but communicates with the team on a daily basis. We use the Kanban approach to stay in sync with our development pace.

We are dedicated to creating pretty code that is documented, tested, and reads like prose to any other developer. Quality code makes for scalable projects and happy developers who feel accountable for maintaining it.

We conduct regular optimization audits (run speed tests to identify bottlenecks and solve them) and meet weekly for peer-to-peer code review so that we are continually learning from the diverse talent on the team.

The types of problems you’ll be solving

You’ll be integrating mockups with a keen eye for usability and graphic design. Your role includes giving feedback on those designs while they’re being sketched out, understanding their intent and pushing them further.

A Front End Developer is one of the guardians of the user interface, ensuring that it is responsive to many types of devices, that it handles all use cases and that its components are documented in a pattern library.

You’ll have the opportunity to further your knowledge about:

  • Accessibility features that allow everyone to access an experience
  • Animations that are both beautiful and meaningful
  • Designing for performance
  • Your own self-directed learning goals!

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