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About your team

e180 team:

At e180, one of our core values is learning (“Be a knowledge gardener”). We cultivate human potential by enabling our people to learn from one another. We love to create rewarding learning experiences for our employees, clients and our community and want to increase the impact of collaborative learning around the world. We have invented Braindate, our flagship product, which helps people around the world, connect with each other and share their knowledge.


Your team:

The global pandemic has allowed us to reinvent ourselves and take advantage of growth opportunities in new markets. We have segmented our services to meet specific needs into 4 segments; Event, Enterprise, Community and General Public. The Product Owner (Braindate) will be dedicated to working in the Event, Enterprise & Community segments.

You will manage the Braindate development Team which maintains and iterates on e180’s product Braindate. The team executes the product roadmap while working hard to maintain a design and development culture that is dependable, scalable and agile.


Your team’s rituals and ways of working together

Are you autonomous and collaborative in order to remain agile and flexible with the Product team? Awesome! It will be essential!. The team uses a Scrum-inspired workflow and maintains alignment and transparency over priorities on a daily basis.

Key rituals include: daily checkouts, weekly bug scoring, sprint demos, and sprint retrospectives which help them to continuously improve on their ability to deliver great work in a timely and happy manner. Interesting? We can’t wait to learn more about skills!

Given that e180 has a close relationship to the event industry, there can be rush periods when we need to expedite a fix or feature work. Regardless, the Product Team is always accountable for delivering on the stability  and scalability of the code.


Your Role

The Product Owner’s number one priority is to ensure that your team delivers the Braindate roadmap, and on time. In order to do so, you must master your team’s workflow and cultivate an understanding of the vision of the features on the roadmap that have been defined by the Learning & Product Innovation Team.

Do you consider yourself as a strategic and creative thinker with a strong capacity to understand your team’s abilities and priorities? Great! You will know when and how to scope work down in order to deliver solutions on time without sacrificing on the value they’re meant to provide. Simply put, the Product Owner is the liaison between product vision and product design & developments.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Delivering the product roadmap on time;
  • Maintaining a smooth design-dev workflow at all times;
  • Cultivating the autonomy of individual team members;
  • Managing and prioritizing the product backlog;
  • Transforming feature briefs defined by the Innovation Team into user stories;
  • Ensuring dev sprints are well-planned, scoped and executed;
  • Hosting and activating insights from sprint retrospective meetings;
  • Be the champion of documentation about how the product works;
  • Understand and contribute to product strategies;
  • Continually maintain alignment with the Learning & Product Innovation Team;
  • Ensure that any proposed changes in scope of a feature will honor the vision and priorities of the company;
  • Ensure that feature briefs are clear and ready in time for design and development;
  • And ensure that the Product Team is always striking a strategic balance between product maintenance and product innovation.


Some extra qualities that will set you apart:

  • Do you have experience managing a team in a high-growth tech company? You are the person we are looking for!
  • Do you have any software development skills? We can’t wait to see your accomplishments!
  • Do you have the ability to strategically handle competing priorities under pressure? You will have a significant impact at e180!
  • Do you have a human-centred & agile approach to problem-solving? You will be welcomed into our team with open arms!
  • Do you have experience using Jira, Confluence, Mural, G Suite and Slack? That will help for product team management.


You’ll have the opportunity to further your knowledge about:

  • The process of creating new tech products
  • Business strategy’s role in product development
  • Your own self-directed learning goals!


About e180

e180 was founded as a social enterprise, and today, e180 is a certified (and award-winning!) B Corporation. This means that we’ve made a public commitment to leveraging our business to make a measurable difference in the world. Our flagship product, Braindate, has evolved over the years, but our mission remains the same: unlocking human greatness by helping people learn from one another.


Why you’ll love it here

We are value-driven.

Both our work and our company culture are rooted in a set of key beliefs and commitments that we came up with and revisit together. Our values influence everything from our decision-making processes to the ways in which we celebrate one another. Here are the values that drive us:

  • Be a knowledge gardener:
    • Share knowledge, grow through learning, and plant the seeds of human greatness.
  • Inspire collaboration:
    • Bring your creative brain power and change lives. Let’s make a difference together.
  • Be fearless:
    • Be audacious and autonomous, trust uncertainty, forge your own path, and embrace the journey.
  • Lead with love:
    • Be kind to yourself and others, and create conditions where everyone can succeed through diversity, equity and inclusion.


Our team’s well-being and growth is a top priority.

We designed our environment to prioritize our team’s happiness and health—from our rituals (like our monthly game nights, regular celebrations, and bi-annual company-wide retreats) to our space (a bright, plant-filled office in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End) to the healthcare that we offer to all employees.


You’ll get to learn. 

Each team member gets to choose a personal Learning Quest to pursue. You’ll receive a budget, personal support, and ample time (100 hours a year) to explore your Quest.


You’re in charge of your time—and where you spend it. 

We encourage you to self-manage your work schedule to best accommodate your life and commitments. Remote work is also an option for all team members.


You’ll get to travel. 

Paris, Doha, Berlin – we’ve activated Braindate at iconic events all over the world. Once it’s safe, our team will have the opportunity to travel to support and experience the impact of Braindate productions across the globe.


The great benefits that set us apart:

e180 wants to offer the best conditions, the best environment, the best benefits in addition to the salary. While doing meaningful work is rewarding in itself, we also offer the following programs and benefits to all our full-time employees:

  • Unmeasured Vacation: We encourage a good work-life balance.  We offer a vacation policy that allows you to be away when you need it and independently manage the impact your absence may have on your team, clients, projects and company goals.
  • Insurance: Health care benefits are available to all employees.
    • We also provide a health management account of $ 500 / year which could be allocated for what you want (massage, dental, gym, etc.)
  • Potential annual bonuses based on business results;
  • Remote workspace improvement bonus;
  • Learn Quest Program ($1000);
  • Benefits programs:
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Bonus;
    • Home Internet Connection Bonus;
    • Public transit/bixi bonus (to come)
  • Financing programs:
    • Computer Purchase;
    • Remote workspace improvement;



Our commitment to diversity means propelling it. As a certified B Corporation in the world of technology, we believe that it’s our responsibility to actively foster a welcoming environment for those who might not feel included or represented elsewhere in this sector. As such, we strongly encourage applicants from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities to apply.

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