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Quality Assurance Analyst

Montreal (Remote)
Libraries & Tools:
JIRA, Cucumber, Playwright, BrowserStack, BitBucket
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About your team

Your e180 team:

At e180, one of our core values is learning (“We have a growth mindset”). We cultivate human potential by enabling our people to learn from one another. We love to create rewarding learning experiences for our employees, clients and our community and want to increase the impact of collaborative learning around the world. We have invented Braindate, our flagship product, which helps people around the world, connect with each other and share their knowledge.


Your department:

The QA Analyst role lives within the Product team, nonetheless, they mainly work with the development (‘Dev’) team which maintains and iterates on Braindate, including the client-supporting tool, and other emerging products. The development (‘Dev’) team defines best coding practices within e180 and stays up-to-date in the ever-evolving field. They work hard to create a development culture that is dependable, scalable and agile.


Your team’s rituals and ways of working together

Each member of the team is autonomous, works remotely, and communicates with the team daily. Our projects are split between a Scrum approach and a Kanban approach to stay in sync with our development pace.

We are dedicated to creating pretty code that is documented, tested, and reads like prose to any other developer. Quality code makes for scalable projects and happy developers who feel accountable for maintaining it. We use the RICE prioritization framework to determine what’s the next most important bug to fix or task to complete.

We conduct regular optimization audits (run speed tests to identify bottlenecks and solve them) and meet daily for peer-to-peer code review so that we are continually learning from the diverse talent on the team.

We are using a continuous integration/continuous deployment process to make sure value is delivered to our customers and users as fast as possible. This makes the role of the QA analyst even more important because they need to identify and characterize bugs as fast and clearly as possible.

As the QA, we’re relying on you to be the guardian of quality and hold the developers and product team accountable for delivering stable and well-performing features.

Did our rituals and teamwork speak to you? Fabulous! You will like working with our team.


Your Role

You will be in charge of testing the new features for the e180 braindate platform and dashboard, investigating the issues, and working closely with the product team to make sure that releases go out smoothly.

Your daily tasks will include:

  • Testing the platform.
  • Creating and following test plans and scenarios.
  • Supporting the rest of the company in their use of their platform: helping them understand the issues they might be facing.
  • Collaborating with the product owner to manage feature-flags, identifying obsolete ones and releasing new ones when quality is optimal.
  • Creating new quality processes for the cycle of development.

Feeling ready for this opportunity? We can’t wait to meet you!


Skills and knowledges that can make the difference:

  • Do you have experience in web development or understanding how to debug web platforms (reading an HTTP request, understanding the console, etc.)? Awesome! You will help us a lot!
  • Do you have a basic understanding of Javascript and HTML? Good! That’ll be a huge plus!
  • Do you have strong problem-solving skills? In your position, it will be essential!
  • Do you have good written and oral communication skills in English (Functional in French)? You will be welcomed into our team with open arms!
  • Do you have good communication skills in explaining the context of a bug? You will stand out!


Some extra qualities that will set you apart:

  • Do you have experience with CI/CD? Perfect! 
  • Do you have a good understanding of accessibility best practices? We are working to stay fully compliant with the latest WCAG standards.
  • Do you have the necessary skills to spot areas for improvement to enhance the product’s efficiency?


You’ll have the opportunity to further your knowledge about

  • Continuous Deployment and Feature Flags: Deepen your understanding of modern deployment strategies and how to manage feature flag-driven development.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Enhance your skills in working across different departments, facilitating a seamless interface between technical and non-technical team members.
  • Product Mastery: Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Braindate platform, becoming a go-to resource for both internal teams and potentially, external clients.
  • Automated testing: Work with the dev team to keep the automated tests up-to-date.


About e180

e180 was founded as a social enterprise, and today, e180 is a certified (and award-winning!) B Corporation. This means that we’ve made a public commitment to leveraging our business to make a measurable difference in the world. Our flagship product, Braindate, has evolved over the years, but our mission remains the same: unlocking human greatness by helping people learn from one another.


Why you’ll love it here

We are value-driven.

Our values guide us at e180, shaping our internal culture and defining our interactions with the world. They influence our relationships with clients and colleagues, permeate our products, and inform our communications, training, and HR initiatives.

  • We are radically authentic. 
    • We embrace and celebrate our uniqueness, shining our mission and values with pride. Our authenticity is our guide in every action and decision.
  • We’re ready. 
    • Prepared for every challenge, we deliver excellence and innovation in our insights and service. We are intentional in our preparations for every interaction and follow-up.
  • We lead with love. 
    • With courage and compassion, we foster a safe space for growth and learning. This love translates into caring relationships with colleagues, users, and clients alike.
  • We have a growth mindset. 
    • We thrive on doing, learning, and sharing, cultivating knowledge like gardeners. We are open to feedback and embrace mistakes as opportunities.
  • We celebrate. 
    • Fun and recognition are at our core; we show appreciation and gratitude. Our traditions of celebration foster a vibrant and supportive community.
  • We collaborate. 
    • We lay the groundwork for powerful collaborations, believing we are stronger together. We create the conditions, operationally and culturally, for strong collaborations to emerge.

Our team’s well-being and growth is a top priority.

We designed our environment to prioritize our team’s happiness and health—from our rituals (like our weekly virtual game ‘tea times’ and regular celebrations) to the healthcare and programs that we offer to all employees.


You’ll get to learn. 

Each team member gets to choose a personal Learning Quest to pursue. You’ll receive personal support, and time to explore your Quest.


You’re in charge of your time—and where you spend it. 

We encourage you to self-manage your work schedule to best accommodate your life and commitments. Remote work is also an option for all team members.


You’ll get to travel. 

Paris, Doha, Berlin – we’ve activated Braindate at iconic events all over the world. Our team has the opportunity to travel to support and experience the impact of Braindate productions across the globe.


The great benefits that set us apart:

e180 wants to offer the best conditions, the best environment, the best benefits in addition to the salary. While doing meaningful work is rewarding in itself, we also offer the following programs and benefits to all our full-time employees:

  • Unmeasured Vacation: We encourage a good work-life balance.  We offer a vacation policy that allows you to be away when you need it and independently manage the impact your absence may have on your team, clients, projects and company goals. 
  • Insurance: Health care benefits are available to all employees.
    • We also provide a health management account of $500 / year which could be allocated for what you want (massage, dental, gym, etc.)
  • RRSP; 
  • A one-time remote workspace improvement stipend;
  • Learn Quest Program;
  • Benefits programs:
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Bonus;
    • Home Internet Connection Bonus;
    • $500/year to spend on a BIXI Annual membership, public transportation passes, and bike repair & maintenance;  
    • Gym Program that offers you up to $500/year for a gym membership or a subscription to online, physical activity class or courses;
  • Additional programs:
    • Computer Purchase financing;
    • Home internet reimbursement;
    • Team building allowance.


Our commitment to diversity means propelling it. As a certified B Corporation in the world of technology, we believe that it’s our responsibility to actively foster a welcoming environment for those who might not feel included or represented elsewhere in this sector. As such, we strongly encourage applicants from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities to apply.

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