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About your team

Technical Solutions Specialists are part of the Experience Team, which designs and delivers transformative learning experiences for e180’s clients through our primary product, Braindate. The Experience team plays a crucial contributing role to e180’s evolution, as they are the primary implementers of the Braindate experience in collaboration with large scale event organizers. Not only that, the Experience Team is responsible for guiding our clients through a learning experience of their own as we work together to deliver something meaningful to their communities. 

TS Specialists are responsible for deploying and supporting the “tech pillar” of the Braindate experience at events around the world. Our platform has the capability to be integrated directly into our clients’ event registration flow, schedule, and notification system, so that event participants can find and access Braindate seamlessly. In collaboration with tech partners across the industry, we create, test and manage each integration as well as provide subsequent client support. 

Your mission is to make the process of incorporating the Braindate platform into an event as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Your team’s rituals and ways of working together

The Experience team is highly collaborative – we see ourselves as delivering the tech pillar as a team. We all share in the successes and the improvements that need to be made to our processes. 

We value transparency and accountability so that we can proactively problem-solve – we care about delivering a quality experience consistently. 


Your Role

Since we’re a small team that delivers multiple productions in parallel, there’s a certain amount of coordination needed to ensure all the development, quality assurance and platform setup is on track. Your role is the critical connection point between each of the players that helps bring a Braindate production to life!

As a Technical Solutions Specialist, you’re the first point of contact for our producers, clients and tech partners: you’ll manage overall communications between this group, provide guidance, and funnel requests to the right people, resources or tools to help move the production along. In essence this role serves as the “traffic controller:” you will maintain a birds-eye view of each client’s Braindate platform and integrations throughout the year- especially during rush periods.

During a live event, you’ll be the support contact for our Producers, and the Development team will support you. The timeline of each production is approximately six to twelve weeks, and we can have more than ten simultaneous productions.

Over time, you will also serve as the educational liaison between e180 and its stakeholders, where you’ll help employees and our external community understand how e180 can best serve them! You’ll also become our go-to for scoping new integrations with event apps based on our best practices.

Tasks may include:

There are 2 key aspects to your role:

  • Integrations Management
    • Main touchpoint with tech partner for general clarifications about the timeline and scope of an integration
    • Greenlight and document scope of integration and expected user journey between all the tech providers and Braindate 
    • Responsible for keeping the integration delivery schedule on track and raising the appropriate flags at the weekly standups.
  • Support
    • Available for support during a live event
    • Dedicated touchpoint for producer/client support who investigates and triages bug reports 

Some extra qualities that will set you apart:

  • You’ve worked with / familiar with event app providers
  • Familiar with Atlassian, StackOverflow, Google Suite and Slack
  • You have worked in a startup environment or have taken the lead on a cross-team project
  • Experience in project management or event management with multiple priorities and projects at once
  • Excellent communication skills and the capacity to empathize with people that are less comfortable with technology
  • 2 – 3 years in a customer service role
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible work schedule – to accommodate some of our events that kick off over the weekend.

You’ll have the opportunity to further your knowledge about:

  • Agile Product development
  • Process building for a new team
  • Customer service in the dynamic event industry
  • Option to see our experience in action and travel onsite

About e180 

e180 was founded as a social enterprise, and today, e180 is a certified (and award-winning!) B Corporation. This means that we’ve made a public commitment to leveraging our business to make a measurable difference in the world. Our flagship product, Braindate, has evolved over the years, but our mission remains the same: to transform the way that humans learn. 

Why you’ll love it here

We are value-driven.

Both our work and our company culture are rooted in a set of key beliefs and commitments that we came up with and revisit together. These values influence everything from our decision-making process to the ways in which we celebrate one another. 


Our team’s well-being and growth is a top priority.

We designed our environment to prioritize team happiness and health—from our rituals (like our monthly gatherings, regular celebrations, and bi-annual company-wide retreats) to our space (a bright, plant-filled office in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End) to the healthcare that we offer to all employees.


You’ll get to learn. 

Each team member gets to choose a personal Learning Quest to pursue. You’ll receive a budget, personal support, and ample time (100 hours a year) to explore your Quest. 


You’re in charge of your time—and where you spend it. 

We encourage you to self-manage your work schedule to best accommodate your life and commitments. Remote work is also an option for all team members. 


You’ll get to travel. 

Our team has the opportunity to travel to support—and experience!—Braindate productions all over the world. 


Our commitment to diversity means propelling it. As a certified B Corporation in the world of technology, we believe that it’s our responsibility to actively foster a welcoming environment for those who might not feel included or represented elsewhere in this sector. As such, we strongly encourage applicants from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities to apply.

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