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About your team

Your e180 team:

At e180, one of our core values is learning (We “Learn Out Loud”). We cultivate human potential by enabling our people to learn from one another. We love to create rewarding learning experiences for our employees, clients and our community and want to increase the impact of collaborative learning around the world. We have invented Braindate, our flagship product, which helps people around the world, connect with each other and share their knowledge.


Your department:

As part of the Digital Skills for Youth Program coordinated by Communautique, e180 is looking for a Webmaster / E-commerce. The Webmaster’s position is housed within e180’s Marketing and Communications team. Our team is welcoming, cozy and collaborative! We work closely with everyone, but most often with the Sales and Braindate Experience teams. You will work with our marketing team (experts in marketing, communication and design). The team will continue to grow over the next year and double in size. 

We like to share our tasks and the progress of projects, and meet regularly with each of the other teams at e180 for creative work, project ideation and feedback sessions. We take a prototyping and incremental iteration approach to test certain hypotheses and implement strategic tactics and projects. We usually work on several projects at the same time. If this kind of collaborative teamwork appeals to you, you will fit in perfectly with us. 


Your Role

The global pandemic has allowed us to reinvent ourselves and take advantage of growth opportunities in new markets. We have segmented our services to meet specific needs into 4 segments; Events, Organizations, Community and General Public. This position will help us, among other things, to achieve our growth plan by creating new websites for each of the segments and for our corporate site. This role is essential in transforming our visibility as well as the user and client experience.

Your role? ANYTHING related to websites, from helping us transform our online presence to achieving our e-commerce strategy! You will be the first and only webmaster / e-commerce specialist. If you’re curious and like getting involved in different projects, this post is for you!


Tasks may include:

Redesign and creation of websites:

  • Identify and define the technological needs of the company;
  • Make strategic recommendations on the choice of the best site management platform (we’re currently using WordPress);
  • Create a portal and corporate site that will oversee the satellite sites of our various projects;
  • Create temporary landing pages to promote our various events;
  • Manage all stages of projects: development, maintenance, updates and improvements to websites;
  • Be in charge of the structure, integration and optimization of website content and vouch for what is published.

Optimization and analysis of website performance

  • Offer websites the maximum visibility and traffic (SEO, optimization of landing pages / website navigation, impact on click-through rate vs conversion);
  • Maintain a strategic watch relating to technological advances, trends and best practices in the industry;
  • Analyze the data of our visitors (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio);
  • Centralize and update data and internal reports;
  • Optimize the client journey in order to improve our strategies for acquiring contacts / potential client.

Creation of a commercial experience

  • Develop a commercial strategy to offer and sell our products online by targeted segment via e-commerce / transactional sites;
  • Transform the experience of users and visitors of our websites into a complete journey (acquisition of “leads”, conversion to the shopping cart and retention of customers);
  • Integrate sales automation and ensure the smooth running of online sales (online demo, online purchase, redirection to purchased products);
  • Create and optimize the ordering process.

 ** Yes, we know that’s a lot to ask! You don’t have to be a master of all of this, but rather have the desire to learn (and become the best!) in each of these aspects. **


Qualities that could set you apart:

  • Do you consider yourself a creative web artist who thrives on details and stands out with your rigor? You will be welcomed into our team with open arms!
  • Do you have a passion for web marketing? We can’t wait to see your accomplishments and learn more about your web and technical skills!
  • Are you a conversion virtuoso who creates magic from statistics? You will have a significant impact at e180!
  • Does the multi-faceted profession of webmaster & e-commerce appeal to you and the variety of tasks motivate you? You are the person we are looking for!
  • Do you stand out for your autonomy, your sense of initiative, your versatility and your ability to trust uncertainty? In your position, that will be essential!


Knowledge and experiences that can make the difference:

  • Have you mastered the different languages ​​of the web (HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, ASP, etc.)? Great! It will be essential!
  • Do you have a good knowledge of CMS (WordPress, Squarespace, Spotify, Webflow) and analytical tools (Google analytics and its related tools Google Tag Manager and Google Data studio)? Awesome! You will help us create websites that stand out!
  • Do you also have knowledge of the various tools useful for creation such as site editors, image processing software (Photoshop, Canva or similar) and graphics software (Adobe Suite, Figma)? Your creativity will be inspiring!
  • Do you have experience selling SaaS products and / or experience in the tech industry? That’ll be a huge plus!
  • Do you like to be constantly on the lookout for web trends and best practices? Our team looks forward to learning from your experiences and knowledge! 


Eligibility criteria of the program: 

  • Be between 15 and 30 years old 
  • Have completed post-secondary studies 
  • Have the legal right to work in Canada 
  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a person with refugee status in Canada 
  • Not receive employment insurance (EI) 
  • Self-assess as underemployed, that is, employed below their level of education or holding a part-time job 
  • Not have already participated in a digital skills for youth program. 

** The position includes training coordinated by Communautique **


About e180 

e180 was founded as a social enterprise, and today, e180 is a certified (and award-winning!) B Corporation. This means that we’ve made a public commitment to leveraging our business to make a measurable difference in the world. We invented Braindate, our flagship product, to help people and communities connect and learn from one another. While our product and services have evolved over the years, our mission remains the same: to transform the way that humans learn. 

Why you’ll love it here

We are value-driven.

Both our work and our company culture are rooted in a set of key beliefs and commitments that we came up with and revisit together. These values influence everything from our decision-making process to the ways in which we celebrate one another. For example, one of our core values is “Love and Kindness” so we strive to create a safe and nurturing culture where all our employees can thrive. 


Our team’s well-being and growth is a top priority.

We designed our environment to prioritize our team’s happiness and health—from our rituals (like our monthly game nights, regular celebrations, and bi-annual company-wide retreats) to our space (a bright, plant-filled office in the heart of Montreal’s Mile End) to the healthcare that we offer to all employees.


You’ll get to learn. 

Each team member gets to choose a personal Learning Quest to pursue. You’ll receive a budget, personal support, and ample time (100 hours a year) to explore your Quest. 


You’re in charge of your time—and where you spend it. 

We encourage you to self-manage your work schedule to best accommodate your life and commitments. Remote work is also an option for all team members. 


You’ll get to travel. 

Paris, Doha, Berlin – we’ve activated Braindate at iconic events all over the world. Once it’s safe, our team will have the opportunity to travel to support and experience the impact of Braindate productions across the globe. 


The great benefits that set us apart: 

e180 wants to offer the best conditions, the best environment, the best benefits in addition to the salary. While doing meaningful work is rewarding in itself, we also offer the following programs and benefits to all our full-time employees:

  • Unmeasured Vacation: We encourage a good work-life balance.  We offer a vacation policy that allows you to be away when you need it and independently manage the impact your absence may have on your team, clients, projects and company goals. 
  • Insurance: Health care benefits are available to all employees.
    • We also provide a health management account of $ 500 / year which could be allocated for what you want (massage, dental, gym, etc.)
  • Potential annual bonuses based on business results; 
  • Remote workspace improvement bonus;
  • Learn Quest Program ($1000);
  • Benefits programs:
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Bonus;
    • Home Internet Connection Bonus;
    • Public transit/bixi bonus (to come)
  • Financing programs:
    • Computer Purchase;
    • Remote workspace improvement;




Our commitment to diversity means propelling it. As a certified B Corporation in the world of technology, we believe that it’s our responsibility to actively foster a welcoming environment for those who might not feel included or represented elsewhere in this sector. As such, we strongly encourage applicants from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities to apply.

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