Braindate helps people meet, share
 and learn from each other at your event.

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Better (than) networking for your events.


Braindate is experiential peer learning for events: it’s a personalized, content-driven alternative to traditional networking.

Part tech platform and part in-person experience, Braindate helps people find and meet each other at events for topic-driven conversations based on common interests and shared challenges—not just job title. Some might call that networking. We call it building a Braindate community.


e180 is the creator-company of Braindate. We are a certified B-Corporation and award-winning social enterprise, ranking in the global top 10% of B-Corps for our social impact-driven business model and governance structure.

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More than meetings.


We work around four partnership pillars to facilitate a flawless Braindate tech and in-person experience for your participants.

Community Activation

We’ll build a custom communications strategy tailored to your audience segments and their goals, and deploy it together.

Onsite Experience Design

Braindates take place in person, in an onsite Braindate Lounge optimized for your audience, designed by our expert Experience Producers.

Devoted Hosting

Our team of professional hosts who greet guests and facilitate introductions, make spontaneous matches, and oversee a warm and welcoming environment.

Seamless Technology

From an expansive library of custom plugins to the 100+ integrations with your favorite event apps, Braindate is a seamless part of the participant experience.

Our mission has transformed hundreds of communities

What they say about us

Whose idea was braindates?! In my six years of #TC, this is the single most impactful feature for knowledge-sharing.

Braindates made a multinational company feel like a tight-knit community. My braindates led to real collaboration, which would otherwise not have been possible.

Braindate challenges participants to engage on a deeper level. Our guests told us they came away from braindates feeling inspired by fresh ideas, and with new opportunities for collaboration.


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