Stories of transformation

Once we begin to share our knowledge and learn from the people around us, we’re empowered to see the world—and our place in it—differently.

Every time I leave a Braindate gathering, I feel loved, accepted, and understood, as well as a better version of myself. That is the impact that you and your team have on the world.
Braindates made a multinational company feel like a tight-knit community. My braindates led to real collaboration, which would otherwise not have been possible.
Braindate challenges participants to engage on a deeper level. Our guests told us they came away from braindates feeling inspired by fresh ideas, and with new opportunities for collaboration.
You inspire each of us to dream bigger, connect more authentically, and drive impact. Thank you for your partnership over the years.
The braindate staff @e180labs couldn’t have been more pleasant or helpful. They are awesome!
Loved my #braindate at #greenbuild18! We talked about art, communications, stories, bridging silos...and all the work we can and must do. Thanks!
We loved partnering with @e180 to offer braindates for @newtechnetwork educators. Reading the beautiful story of chess+youth empowerment is making me happy!
Just had a very fruitful #braindate with young people from Indonesia, France and Australia. Big things can, and will, happen when you get young people involved! #ParisPeaceForum
With Braindate, you don't need to rely on luck or serendipity. You meet the people who are interested in what you are saying, and there's no wasted time because it’s so targeted. It makes your entry fee worth it.
I'm looking forward to braindates at #NTAC18! Talk to me about supporting creativity, sustaining innovative schools, future of work. World Cup. Music. Filmmaking.
One of my favourite components? Braindates. Setting up informal chats to share and gain knowledge. #C2M18
Braindate helped us deliver real ROI to our participants in terms of the quality of networking and customized learning opportunities that were available in the program.
Education can happen through breakouts and general sessions, but nowhere else can I get the answers to the things that are keeping me up at night and immediate ROI for the challenges that my organization and myself are facing.
I absolutely loved Braindates at #TC18 and I cannot WAIT to keep that momentum going.
Isn’t this so neat?! #EventTech at its best thanks to @theEVENTmpi! Just scheduled my first #braindate and can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. Definitely bringing this to my congress!
Going into #pcmaCL with 3 #braindates like a boss. Can't wait to share my expertise!

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