We unlock human greatness by helping people learn from each other.

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We are Open Minds.

Always seeking to help others and ourselves bridge the gap between who we currently are, and who we need to become to overcome a challenge.

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Our People

We are a team of multi-faceted people who know that, in order to transform the way human beings learn throughout the world (including us!), we have to be disciplined yet compassionate, humble yet fierce. Our work is rooted in love: love for the ones we want to serve, love of problems to solve, love of places, principles and people to discover, love for our greater selves and those of our peers. Every member of our team is incredibly agile because uncharted territory is our favorite kind of territory.

Christine Renaud
CEO and Chief Learning Officer
Mother, Triathlete, Dancer, Part-time Cook, Full-time Clown
Alexandre Spaeth
Chief Technical Officer
Handball player, Water Polo Referee, Home-brewer, Parisian
Sylvain Leclair
Startups Partisan, Skydiver, Aspiring
Patricia Houle
Pro-entrepreneur, Team Player, Change Lover
Michèle Robinson
Head of Product, Braindate
Handyperson, Rock Climber, Acting Coach
Alina Maizel
Head of Product, Client Experience
Wannabe Dancer, Nomad, No-Stress Master
Richard Henri
Head of Innovation Lab
Pragmatic Optimist, Lasagna researcher, Seasonal fencer
Claire Garneau
Head of Experience
Sporty spice, cinephile, serial snacker
Brudis Limar III
Head of Revenue - Sales and Marketing
MBA & Physicist, Travel Addict & Writer
Brian Philippe
Director of Sales
Amateur pastry chef, Language enthusiast
Rudy Geffroyd
Account Executive
Life Apprentice & Pinball Wizard
Nassim Baghery
Account Executive
Music addict, Soccer fan, Cinephile
Smriti Bansal
Communications Manager
Storyteller, Reader, Pop-culture scholar
Pierre-Étienne Poulin
Creative Director
Sunday Fisherman, Taco Lover
Flora Niel
Product Designer
Creative mind, Mixology enthusiast
Erica Gregor
Client Experience
Hobby ceramicist, Lifelong learner
Anthony Shadowitz
Junior Front End Developer
Sports enthusiast, Wanderlust, Learner of new things
Anamika Sharma
Quality Assurance Analyst
Lover of sports, Arts & craft enthusiast, Shutter Bug
Marie-Gil Vachon
Braindate Producer
Relationships Gardener, Free Spirit, Work Hard, Play Hard Type of Person
Gabriel Couture
Braindate Producer
Part-time hummingbird, part-time whale, full-time dreamer
Caroline Samson
Braindate Producer
Wanderlust, Sports fan, Fireworks lover, MBA with a purpose.
Izzy Duranceau Jowett
Braindate Producer
Albane Gaudissart
Braindate Producer
Swimmer, Experience Designer
Alexandra Heim
Technical Solutions Manager
Professional thrifter, Crossword puzzler, Plant collector
Alex Boivin
Technical Solutions Expert
Music Producer, Party Dancer, Flamboyant Storyteller
Mylène Tessier
Mylène Tessier
Hockey Mom, Dedicated to All My Loved Ones
Domenica Martinello
Braindate Virtual Learning Concierge
Poet, Bookworm, Makeup Enthusiast
Youssef Shoufan
Braindate Learning Concierge
Traveler, Avid chess & water-polo player and Vegetarian
Johanna Brenner
Braindate Learning Concierge
Spiritual Gangster, Aspiring Backup Dancer
Thi Thuy Ho
Braindate Learning Concierge
Photographer, World Traveller, Lover Of All Humans

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