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C2 Montreal brings together Commerce and Creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. In 2013, they were the first to strongly believe that their participants should learn from the people around them, not only from an incredible lineup speakers. C2’s team showed us how spectacular all the elements of the braindating experience can be, and outdoes themselves each year. (One time, they transformed a ferris wheel into a Braindate Lounge)

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Martin Rodriguez
Martin's story 
Martin Rodriguez
Co-director of Eastern BlocMusician and Sound ArtistStudent of the UniversePapa

At 33, Martìn found out he had stage three brain cancer. For the first time in his life, he was desperate for something to hold onto. This is the story of a braindate that helped someone build what they needed to face overwhelming adversity.

I went on e180 and asked if someone would teach me to meditate. I was hesitant to do it, but for whatever reason, I let myself give in.

I met with Laurence and she taught me how to find this place so that, whenever I need it or need the space, I could go there. It was mine. That’s how I would prepare for the journeys leading up to my surgery and chemotherapy.

You’re not totally unconscious during brain surgery–you go in and out. Even though I was loopy on lots of drugs, I was able to find a calm place now and then in my mind. Then, during chemo, I would meditate when I’d take my pills. I would sit down and try to imagine the chemo going through my bloodstream and focus it up where the tumour was, visualizing the chemo doing its thing on the cells.

My meditation practice changed over time. Sometimes it’s just breathing. Now, I’m in remission and living my life as a cancer-thriver practicing my art, playing with my daughter and soaking it all in. (Laurence, if you’re reading this, thanks again.)

TEDWomen 2016 examined Time–in the world, in our own lives–by looking across science, art, business and social justice. “On the one hand, what we want never seems to arrive promptly enough–gender parity in our boardrooms and bedrooms, class and racial equality, even love. On the other hand, time seems to move faster than it ever has,” they said. Participants braindated to explore sometimes difficult, sometimes uplifting topics and to connect not only to great ideas, but also to each other.

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Reuben Peter-Finley
Reuben's story 
Reuben Peter-Finley
Content Marketing and SEO AnalystReformed Street ArtistFather of Three

For some time, Reuben basked in the tranquility of what a 9-to-5 agency job afforded him and his family. That ease slowly transformed into feelings of unpromising stagnation. This is the story of a conversation that sparked an arduous journey of career transformation.

Some years ago, my mother suggested that I go back to school and get an MBA. She was right about my career not going anywhere. But that got me thinking–if I went into debt for a couple years, what would the payoff be? Studying is something I never was very good at.

To help me decide, she set me up with a professor, a well-respected economist. I told him about my interest in internet marketing and digital media. How could higher learning help me attain my goals? He flat out told me that an MBA wouldn’t do me any good. I would learn more by taking on real clients and tapping into actual experiences–something that wasn’t likely to happen in a seminar.

So, I didn’t go to school. Instead, I learned online and by actually doing the work. I clocked about 70 hours a week for 3 years and I left my agency job when I finally reached the tipping point where I felt I had enough work on the side to be able to quit.

That’s how I got to where I am now. I’m doing my own thing, serving my entrepreneurial spirit. My stability didn’t suffer, the kids are fed and the mortgage is getting paid. I work in an ever-evolving field, so keeping up can be tiring, but for now I wouldn’t want it any other way.

When Airbnb came to us, it clicked instantaneously. The reason is simple: their Open festival is already all about celebrating their hosts and helping them learning from each other’s successes and challenges. The only (good) problem that they had: their peer-hosted sessions were too popular, and they couldn’t respond to the high demand. They needed something to scale knowledge-sharing to thousands of people… The perfect fit, right?

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Thi Thuy
Thi Thuy's story 
Thi Thuy Ho
PhotographerWorld TravellerLover Of All Humans

Back in 2015, Thi Thuy was doing well. She was travelling and taking on inspiring projects, but something unsettling was brewing inside. This is the story of a conversation that sparked a journey of profound spiritual transformation.

I had made many rational decisions in my life that ultimately led me to where I was two years ago. But that version of me wasn’t who I wanted to be anymore. So, I flew to Colombia with ears wide open, ready for a change.

That’s where I met Branka. After listening to me pour my heart out, she told me about this worldwide silent yoga retreat. She had been very skeptical of it at first, but it marked the beginning of her life-changing journey.

I signed up for Vipassana when I got home. My friends harshly doubted that I, the most talkative person that they knew, would spend 10 days waking up at 4am and silently meditating. But I was determined.

The questions were constant at first… Am I doing this right? Why are my dreams so strange? Why am I crying! I can’t explain exactly what happened to me as the days went on. It goes so deep. It transformed how I see myself and how I treat others. I finally discovered how to listen to my heart.

Today, I pay it forward, offering a simple hint toward a place of healing to whomever sounds ready to listen.

The 2016 ROI Summit gathers 150 of the Jewish world’s brightest young minds from every corner of the globe and every field of endeavor to dream big, network intensely, and learn a great deal from a cohort of talented peers. Together, we came up with an outstanding engagement strategy that put braindates at the core of their event. As a result, every single participant braindated, with an whopping average of 6 braindates per person.

ROI Summit
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Johanna Brenner
Johanna's story 
Johanna Brenner
Wellness AdvisorGuardian AngelAspiring backup dancer

Many people in Johanna’s life wrongly saw her learning disabilities as a measure of her potential. From a young age, she was committed to prove them wrong. This is the story of a conversation that empowered someone to share her gifts with the world. And now she’s unstoppable.

Throughout elementary school, my teachers told me that I would never make something of my life. Getting a degree from McGill was an important symbol of my triumph over their words, but I pursued my dream on the side: to become someone who would help people connect to their bodies.

I spent my time at university watching videos, attending workshops, cooking nutritious meals and taking night courses at the YMCA until I became a certified fitness, yoga and wellness instructor. In 2012, my second year at Mcgill, I bumped into a long-lost friend on the bus. Michele told me about her theatre company, she gave me her card and asked for mine. I didn’t have anything like that set up yet…

That was it. From that day on, Michèle and I organically became skill-sharing partners. She got a website up and running for me, business cards printed and pricing plans for future clients. Meanwhile, I helped her change her lifestyle and connect to her body.

Today, Michèle has transformed and feels amazing, and I have a flourishing business with loving clients who appreciate my gifts and knowledge.

Salesforce’s Dreamforce is the world’s largest gathering of customer trailblazers, bringing together people who are challenging the norm in sales, marketing, service and IT. Salesforce recognizes its partner network as a dynamic ecosystem, where one person’s question is someone else’s opportunity. For partners, braindating was a genuine and meaningful way to build lasting business relationships, all on the basis of sharing their passion and what they know about the Salesforce products.

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We Talk: How Can We Propel Each Other?

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The 4 Essential Ingredients: a Community, a Space, some Time and our Technology.

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Together, we craft a personalized engagement strategy that will help your participants understand the value of learning from one another.

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We Share What We Learned.

After your event, e180 analyses the whole experience from start to finish. Our comprehensive report includes insightful data about what your community is interested in learning and identifies your knowledge-sharing superstars.

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What worked well and we can do more of? What shall we do differently? We root ourselves in our shared learnings to raise the bar for your next events.

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