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We created Braindate to help people meet & learn from each other through meaningful conversations.

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“Rather than feeling zapped of energy, I seem to become more energized with each braindate.” Journalist Jessica Mudditt writes about how Braindate brings communities closer in Marie Claire Australia.


In this article for The Learnplace four event professionals share with us how they’re approaching planning hybrid events in 2020.


In this interview with our CEO Christine Renaud, Isarta writes about how e180 is reinventing event networking in the face of the current crisis!


Event Marketer reccommends Braindate as a “virtual collaboration platform to use in the era of social distancing.”

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I am such a huge supporter of braindates. Not only have I participated as a user but I have also procured them for 2 conferences I have planned. Peer to peer collaboration is the future of learning.

Karen Norris Conference Manager at Canadian Association of General Surgeons

Braindating is changing how we can learn at events. It’s a paradigm shift from a passive event audience to an empowered learning community eager for more meaningful connections.

Ewan Jamieson Research and Development, Spark Thinking

This goes beyond traditional networking: this challenges participants to engage on a deeper level. Our guests have told us they came away from their braindates feeling inspired, filled with fresh ideas and perspectives, and with new opportunities for collaboration with people with diverse profiles.

Tatjana König Managing Director, Falling Walls Conference

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